Sweet Emma versus Dark Emma

cherryI am like chocolate: I come in light and dark. As milk chocolate, I am creamy and yummy, playful and easy. I submit to your warmth. I caress your tongue and you want to lick my essence from my fingertips. You can’t get enough of me.

Light Emma listens gently to your confessions and nurtures your heart. Light Emma can also be a little submissive. She responds to a gentle, intelligent dom who pushes her limits and rewards her with his sweet release.

As dark chocolate, I am harder, more complex.

Dark Emma knows you need to confess for purification. She knows your shame and humiliation are intoxicating. She knows that the deeper you let her delve, the more her corkscrew mind can twist its way into yours, the more deeply you will experience yourself and life. She revels in her intellectual and sexual superiority and though her voice is calm and gentle, there is no doubt that she is your psychological Domme, your Mistress. You will confess everything to her, and you will obey her.

There is a place in the middle where light and dark Emma meet. We can meet there too. Call me.

     Sweet Fun Emma                              Dark Mistress Emma
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