Genuine Phone Sex, or, but I LIKE My Callers!

There are days when I think I’m going to scream if I see one more photo of a pretty girl sneering and flipping off the camera on Niteflirt.

I get that the whole bratty, hateful attitude thing is a turnon for a lot of guys. And I’m really happy for you if you’re one of them, because there is no shortage of phone sex ladies willing to hate your socks off!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s not my style. If you let me know you like to be called a pathetic loser and humiliated on a call, I can usually pull it off. laughingmanIf you catch me with the stars properly aligned and our chemistry is right, I can do a nastily good job of it! I can enjoy playing the cold, no-nonsense clinician, or saying the most vicious things in the sweetest of voices. Those would be my stock in trade mean ladies.

Fun places to role-play, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I like men. I like my callers. My best approach to doing phone sex is to be genuine, and the genuine me enjoys people the way they are. Outrageous, kinky, bizarre, shy, perverted, and even . . . normal. I LIKE you.

I enjoy making you feel good. That’s my own strange little idea of fun. It may be by making you cum hard, or hypnotizing you into not cumming at all, or listening to you talk about your fetish or your life. Often it’s by giving you a safe place to indulge the fantasies you don’t dare let anyone else know about.

I like to get inside your head, have a little fun, and leave you smiling. If you like that idea too, then give me a call!

Kisses, Emma (your no-hate zone)

Early in the Morning–Phone Sex Fail

Oh my darling boys, I’ve noticed some of you are trying to call me in the middle of the night and early in the morning. I am sad to tell you this is a fruitless endeavor. Emma does not do intelligent phone sex when she is not fully awake. Emma does not do intelligent anything when she is not fully awake. Or before coffee, for that matter. After coffee, I am a brilliant, mature, erotic force to be reckoned with. But only after.

I encourage you to dial my numbers and take advantage of the backup ladies I have if you need phone sex when I am in slumberland or pre-coffee mode. They are either awake or possess that awesome quality of instant-awakening with which some people are blessed–and I am not.

You early morning sweeties made me think of Harry Nilsson–now that’s always a good thing!

Kisses and coffee,

A Mature Phone Sex Tease–New Erotic Audio

I was a late bloomer sexually, and it took me a little while to understand that a whole lot of sex is about power. Not just in the hard, cold way that many people use it, or even in the power exchange that is at the heart of BDSM, but in even the simplest, most lovingly playful session. Once I got it, though, I was off and running and have been ever since!

With the passage of time and the tides of experience, I’ve come to enjoy a simple little game of tease. In this game I am sensually dominant–though only to the extent that you, my partner, willingly allow! Your restraints are not handcuffs; not even velvet or silk. You simply agree–no touch. You may not touch me. You are naked, blindfolded, at my delighted mercy.

mature phone sex

I, on the other hand, may and do touch you. Anywhere and everywhere, with any and all parts of my body. Because neither sight nor tactile sensation through your fingertips distract you, your awareness of the textures of my body touching yours is heightened. You not only feel my lips–you feel the heat and moisture of my breath. My hair caressing your skin becomes a swirl of satin. The hardness of a nipple compared with the silken softness of a breast . . . the scent and warmth of my sex . . . all become tantalizingly new to you.

erotic audio mp3How long will you tolerate this tease? How long will I hold the power? Your moans of frustration and your arching back arouse me endlessly. You want to touch. You want to pull me down on you, or in a powerful, swift movement, sweep me beneath you and take what I’ve been holding just out of your reach. Will you? Or will you float in this languid arousal, my voice carrying you until I am ready to fulfill myself with your swollen phallus?

As a little entertainment for myself, and for you, I recorded this long tease, a monologue that starts after our dinner date and ends 19 minutes later with . . . well, I’m not going to give away the ending. Anyway, this is an example of the journey being more important than the destination. Let’s just say that I had a lovely, LOVELY time making this erotic recording! Would you like a sneak peek?

The audio, “The Tease,” is available on Niteflirt with a provocative photo of me in stockings only for your visual enjoyment. Through February 14, it is 50% off–only $20.00!


It is also available from me directly. Click the buy button above to get it at Niteflirt or email me at and enjoy my tease now–then tell me how you’d like it to end! I can’t wait . . .

Taboo Fetish Phone Sex

taboo fetish phone sexThis is about the lines we’re not supposed to cross–too naughty, too nasty to talk about. Forbidden fruit hidden away in the darkness.

A surprising little thing I’ve learned about myself doing phone sex is that almost none of the no-no’s bother me in the least. It’s kind of funny because I keep my website and blog sort of PG-13–that’s just part of what I feel is an appropriate public appearance. Do I really think a notice that says “If you are under 18 leave now” means minors won’t view this site?

But on the phone, just between you and me . . . all bets are off, propriety is flung down the toilet, vulgarity is a matter of personal opinion, and in the lingo of phone sex platforms, truly “anything goes.”

Speaking of which, Niteflirt in particular has a fairly conservative approach to the things we aren’t supposed to talk about. Their list of banned subjects is here. But so many callers have many of these fantasies! I’m not here to judge them. This is one reason I have my own toll-free number, an alternate way for callers to reach me.

What it boils down to for me is knowing the difference between fantasy and reality. I have an entire alternate existence as Mommy Emma and I have raised a baby and believe me, there is a world of difference between an imaginary dirty diaper and a real one–I know it well!

taboo phone sexI’m not particularly interested in receiving hateful comments from people who might feel like this lady on the right about what a sick person I am, so I’m not going to spell out what fetishes I’m willing to do. The list of the ones I just can’t do is pretty short. My gross-out threshold is pretty high.

Not sure? Please feel free to email me about a fetish or topic and I will truthfully respond about whether I can comfortably accommodate it. You can always trust me to be kind and tactful when I spell out a hard limit.

Kisses, Emma

New Erotic Audio–The Penis Size Inquisition

howbigA few weeks ago a delightful and original man ordered a custom erotic audio from me. I enjoyed making it, and he gave me permission to sell it. He gets extra points for that!

The story goes like this: you are my psychotherapy client. I, Dr. Emma, have one very important question, as we begin our visit, which you must answer. I will repeat this question posed to you in a variety of ways until you answer. The question strikes at the heart of your insecurities: What is your penis size? In my warm yet professionally distant voice, I reiterate this question in every way possible for seven and a half minutes, growing insistent and demanding at the end.

littleSmall penis humiliation isn’t part of my phone sex repertoire, as I find humiliating or belittling people uncomfortable and antithetical to my deeply held personal values. But this script differed in a most fun way–the humiliation is in the mind of the listener, not inflicted by me. However, it is clear throughout the audio that I am the person wielding the power! As a former therapist, it was enormous fun to do something a real therapist–or at least an ethical therapist–would never do!

If the thought of your own personal penis inquisition intrigues and arouses you, you can buy the audio below, accompanied by two photos of “Dr. Emma” exposing her blue bra and soft breasts. Have you ever fantasized that your therapist would reveal herself this way? It’s time for an appointment with Dr. Emma . . .


Feminization and Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

FemDomme Feminization

I have to afeminization phone sexdmit that the whole feminization aspect of femdomme phone sex in the past has left me a little . . . well, not always terribly enthused. I mean, how many ways can I find to make or help you apply nail polish and stockings, walk in heels, and suck cock?* And does this really get you to the core of what it is to leave your manhood behind and be a woman?

Of course not.

fem6aBut now I am excited, because I have found a way to bring my sissies and feminization callers much closer to womanhood. What is more womanly, more feminine, than the extended, repeating orgasm rocking in waves from deep inside your pelvis?

And what perfect fun for me to make you feel as if you are truly a woman, cumming the way a woman cums–and out of control, at my whim! How do we get there? Simple. Erotic hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis, Feminization, and Female Orgasms

erotic hypnosis phone sexWhen you have surrendered to my hypnotic commands, what I tell you is real, can be real to you. When I tell you to feel your round, full, firm breasts and sensitive nipples, that is what your fingers can feel. When I tell you that you will reach down and find, not a cock, but a ripe, luscious wet pussy, I can hear the shock and then the delight in your voice.

Then I describe the slow burn of pleasure between your legs, just under your pubic mound, and when “the moment” arrives, it’s not just one orgasm–it’s when I become merciless. I tell you that you aren’t done yet as one orgasm after another crashes through your pelvis, until you are begging me to please let you stop–let you catch your breath–and then I . . . might.

I warn you that this feeling is addictive and you will want to come back to me for more.

Are you ready for me to feminize you from the inside out? Good boy. Call me.

Emma  Call Emmalouise for phone sex on

 Come back in a day or two for the podcast version of this post!

 p.s. I have to be honest and say that this may not work right off for every man, and for some, inducing this level of trance may be beyond my skill. We don’t really understand all that much about hypnosis, imagination, erotic sensation, and how they interweave to create the illusion of reality. But so far it’s worked for everyone I’ve tried it with.

*My go-to girls for sissification, girly stuff, and cocksucking training are FemDomme Mistress June, aka EliteDomme, and All-around Naughty Girl Savannah Ginger. But when they’re done with you, I want you to call me and tell me ALL about it!

A Year of Intelligent Phone Sex on NiteFlirt

A Year of Intelligent Phone Sex on NiteFlirt

June marks, roughly, my first year of phone sex on NiteFlirt. And it’s been good to me! I’ve abandoned this post a few times, because it kept coming out sounding like an acceptance speech at the Oscars–or worse, like the kind of report I used to write in my long-since-passed days of managing mental health contracts. Analyzing data is habitual for me, but it’s tough to make it sexy!

Thank you NiteFlirt!

Nonetheless there’s something about a year, and especially such an orgasmically great year, that just insists on commemoration, acknowledgement, a marker of sorts. Like when I went to look at my page of Niteflirt reports, and found this!phone sex award

erotic hypnosis phone sexSo what does a year of kinky phone sex look like?

To start with, about 1270 calls. Over 100 titillating, naughty, imaginative, playful, perverted, and sometimes thought-provoking conversations with memorable men every month (and one VERY hot lady)! I have:

  • drowned in quicksand (did you know quicksand is a fetish?)
  • blackmailed my neighbor into sucking off the poolboy
  • brought an unsuspecting real estate agent into my BDSM dungeon
  • corrupted a few college students
  • performed unique and extreme phone sex therapy interventions
  • heard hundreds of filthy, perverted phone sex confessions and fantasies
  • made men cum like women under erotic hypnosis
  • participated in a female topless boxing match
  • discussed good books
  • had some pretty damned fine orgasms of my own
  • and that’s just the tip of the iceberg . . .

And the custom erotic recordings–let me tell you, you guys have some amazing imaginations! Keep them coming, because I have an outrageously good time doing them.

It takes a fetish phone sex village to raise a man . . .

fetish phone sex friendsPhone sex can be a hellishly competitive business, but I figure there’s enough testosterone to go around, and smart girls pool resources and have fun, while girls with claws just have catfights, leaving them with little to show for it but scratches. (By the way, I love the Dorothy and Alice drawing, but don’t know how to attribute it, so if it’s yours, let me know!)

Here’s a small handful of the ladies who have done their part to make this a year to remember:

FemDomme Mistress June, aka EliteDomme
All-around Naughty Girl Savannah Ginger
Submissive Geek AsianSweetie

And when you’re done checking out all the other sugars in the candy store, you just come right back here to me, because you love my voice, my intelligence, and my authenticity. I plan to be here for another year and more after that–so let’s get some more sensual, kinky adventures going!


Call Emmalouise for phone sex on

Custom Erotic MP3 Adventure: Sleepy Fetish

Fun is making erotic audio recordings using scripts sent to me by people who want to hear their fantasies come to life! While I work best from a script, I enjoy embellishing, especially when the script has an awesome theme like one I worked on recently.

Let me get you some tea.

Let me get you some tea.

The buyer wanted a lengthy fantasy about being drugged, having his financial information extracted, then exploited for my pleasure through facesitting, and at last being drugged into a final drowsy stupor.

He has graciously given permission to use excerpts of the custom MP3 I made for him here–thank you, you know who you are! As always, the custom audios I make are completely confidential and are not resold or reused, unless we have agreed otherwise.

So, the story goes, I have invited a young couple over to look at a bedroom set which I have posted on Craigslist. I explain to them that I am recently divorced and will be redecorating, and offer them some iced tea. A lovely, polite hostess!


Unbeknownst to them (obviously) I have spiked their tea with powerful sedatives, hypnotics, and in the man’s case, truth serum and Viagra!


We chitchat for a few minutes, and I then suggest that the woman and I go upstairs to check out the furniture while her lover relaxes with his tea. I return a few minutes later, to find him looking a bit woozy.


After admitting that I have drugged him, I explain that his ladyfriend is similarly drugged upstairs on the bed we went to look at. I have left her restrained and bound to various toys that will assure her continuing orgasms as she sleeps! In the meantime, I have a much more devious agenda for him. He begins to try to call to her but I assure him this attempt is futile.


Now I begin to extract all the financial information that will allow me to empty his accounts and steal his identity.

assOnce he has given me all his credit card and personal accounts information, I allow him to pass out. When he wakes up a short time later, he finds himself restrained and ball-gagged–and his lovely hostess (yours truly) in full dominatrix latex–crotchless!


He learns that he is in for a long session of drugged sleepiness, hypnotic trance, and face-smothering, all in the interest of pleasuring me–at his every expense. And I do pleasure myself . . .


I continue to taunt and torment him, as the afternoon lengthens–along with my orgasms. I keep him in a constant state of sleepy, drowsy confusion coupled with unending, but unsatisfied, sexual arousal.


Eventually, however, I inject my poor little victim with a last sedative and arrange for the two of them to be transported home. When they awake, they will have only dim memories of going to look at a bedroom set and having tea with a nice, pretty lady, but that the set wasn’t quite what they were looking for . . . they will also find themselves very aroused, with a new fascination for latex, face-sitting and prolonged orgasm!


I hope you enjoyed our little story! Has it inspired one of your own? Would you like your story brought to life? Visit my custom erotic audio and MP3 page here.

Maybe you’d like to play your story in person. I would love to do a role-play call with you. Call me! Call Emmalouise for phone sex on

And . . . do have some tea . . . cupoftea

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

lightpathErotic Hypnosis

To a former therapist, that was a concept that took some getting used to. I had spent a career thinking of hypnosis as a tool to be used carefully and sparingly, particularly in my specialty, people who had suffered ritualized abuse as children. By and large, you DON’T use hypnosis with this population! Their minds have been subjected to enough external control already, thank you very much.

So the idea of using hypnosis phone sex to enhance a guy’s (or lady’s!) sexual experience had to grow on me–until the first time I did it. Hot DAMN that was fun! Now I’m hooked. I’m studying everything I can lay my hands on about erotic hypnosis, and loving every sensual trance phone sex call I do!


Submission and Surrender

Dominating a person’s conscious mind presents limited possibilities. But when a caller, submissive or otherwise, is willing to surrender his subconscious mind to my control, the opportunities for the most wicked fun blossom. The subconscious mind has no limits–anything becomes possible!

Many men, pressed by our culture to be in charge, to control everything, to think and never feel, find the most delicious release in surrendering control of their mind and body to a powerful woman (that would be me) for a while.

While you are deep in a trance, I can pick through your mind, reveal your deepest fantasies, make you do things you never imagined, and do unimaginably wonderful things to you. All you do is . . . surrender. Let me lead you on this journey.


Erotic Hypnosis for Relaxation

Then there’s simply relaxation and erotic fun in your hypnosis phone sex call. The deep relaxation you reach in a state of trance is a heavenly way to unwind, especially before bedtime! When I add an erotic element–touch, sensations–your sensual hypnosis experience becomes a one-of-a-kind sexual pleasure you will want to repeat over and over!

Being Safe with Erotic Hypnosis

Because of my background, I’m probably a bit more conservative than a lot of the ladies on Niteflirt who are doing hypnosis. I want to make sure you understand that erotic hypnosis is for fun, not for any therapeutic purpose. I will not hypnotize you to do anything illegal or dangerous to yourself or other people. I won’t use hypnosis to obtain personal information about you and I won’t let you volunteer personal information.

That said, why don’t you call me on Niteflirt and let’s talk about what I WILL do with you while you are deep in a trance . . .


Call Emmalouise for erotic hypnosis on now

Here is a sample 15-minute, non-erotic relaxation mp3.

I’m selling it at a deep discount–$5.00!–for three reasons:

  • It’s my first attempt at this type of audio, using new equipment and software;
  • To give you a sample of my voice/style so you will want to come back for more, and
  • Because I think the world needs a lot more relaxation!

You can listen to this anywhere, play it for anyone, and not worry about who hears it, because there is nothing naughty in it.

Now when you are on the phone with me, that is a VERY different matter . .

15-minute Non-erotic Relaxation Mp3  Buy from Emmalouise through

The Economics of Phone Sex on

The economics of phone sexHave you ever been curious about how the business end of phone sex works? No, I don’t mean my strap-on; I assume you have a pretty fair idea about THAT business end! If you are curious, you aren’t the first. It’s not unusual for my callers to be inquisitive–after all, you are spending your hard-earned cash on a service that is, hopefully, of considerable value to you! Without giving away TOO much of the mystery, here is a blog post that will enlighten and quite possibly surprise you.

The economics of phone sex – how the business works

Learn and enjoy!


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