Feminization and Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

FemDomme Feminization

I have to afeminization phone sexdmit that the whole feminization aspect of femdomme phone sex in the past has left me a little . . . well, not always terribly enthused. I mean, how many ways can I find to make or help you apply nail polish and stockings, walk in heels, and suck cock?* And does this really get you to the core of what it is to leave your manhood behind and be a woman?

Of course not.

fem6aBut now I am excited, because I have found a way to bring my sissies and feminization callers much closer to womanhood. What is more womanly, more feminine, than the extended, repeating orgasm rocking in waves from deep inside your pelvis?

And what perfect fun for me to make you feel as if you are truly a woman, cumming the way a woman cums–and out of control, at my whim! How do we get there? Simple. Erotic hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis, Feminization, and Female Orgasms

erotic hypnosis phone sexWhen you have surrendered to my hypnotic commands, what I tell you is real, can be real to you. When I tell you to feel your round, full, firm breasts and sensitive nipples, that is what your fingers can feel. When I tell you that you will reach down and find, not a cock, but a ripe, luscious wet pussy, I can hear the shock and then the delight in your voice.

Then I describe the slow burn of pleasure between your legs, just under your pubic mound, and when “the moment” arrives, it’s not just one orgasm–it’s when I become merciless. I tell you that you aren’t done yet as one orgasm after another crashes through your pelvis, until you are begging me to please let you stop–let you catch your breath–and then I . . . might.

I warn you that this feeling is addictive and you will want to come back to me for more.

Are you ready for me to feminize you from the inside out? Good boy. Call me.

Emma  Call Emmalouise for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

 Come back in a day or two for the podcast version of this post!

 p.s. I have to be honest and say that this may not work right off for every man, and for some, inducing this level of trance may be beyond my skill. We don’t really understand all that much about hypnosis, imagination, erotic sensation, and how they interweave to create the illusion of reality. But so far it’s worked for everyone I’ve tried it with.

*My go-to girls for sissification, girly stuff, and cocksucking training are FemDomme Mistress June, aka EliteDomme, and All-around Naughty Girl Savannah Ginger. But when they’re done with you, I want you to call me and tell me ALL about it!

5 Responses to Feminization and Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

  1. June Stuart says:

    Miss Emma is a gifted hypnotist! She has been kind enough to hypnotize one of my callers while I listened – with his permission, of course – and I think she has a calling. She was meant to hypnotize sissies. 🙂 Call her, girls, and be transformed.

  2. Emma says:

    OMG, I thought I answered this weeks ago! Yes, hypnosis and I are having a love affair. But it’s contagious–Mistress June has caught it and is sending her sissies, slaves and submissives into trances right and left. Escape is impossible; resistance, as The Borg says, is futile. Surrender.

    However, both Mistress June and I offer a much more rewarding time of surrender than The Borg did.

    • Tala says:

      If you think about it though, both the Borg and yourself offer total transformation. It’s just instead of a robotic body attached to a hive mind, you offer the superior form of woman.

  3. Tala says:

    Goodness. What an incredible experience hypnotic feminization must be. I can only imagine the level of freedom attained in feeling so transformed by the power of your voice.

  4. ~brian~ says:

    Oh wow, this sounds delish! thanks so much for the podcast version as well! I’d love to experience your brand of fem-hypno sometime!

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