Custom Erotic MP3 Adventure: Sleepy Fetish

Fun is making erotic audio recordings using scripts sent to me by people who want to hear their fantasies come to life! While I work best from a script, I enjoy embellishing, especially when the script has an awesome theme like one I worked on recently.

Let me get you some tea.

Let me get you some tea.

The buyer wanted a lengthy fantasy about being drugged, having his financial information extracted, then exploited for my pleasure through facesitting, and at last being drugged into a final drowsy stupor.

He has graciously given permission to use excerpts of the custom MP3 I made for him here–thank you, you know who you are! As always, the custom audios I make are completely confidential and are not resold or reused, unless we have agreed otherwise.

So, the story goes, I have invited a young couple over to look at a bedroom set which I have posted on Craigslist. I explain to them that I am recently divorced and will be redecorating, and offer them some iced tea. A lovely, polite hostess!


Unbeknownst to them (obviously) I have spiked their tea with powerful sedatives, hypnotics, and in the man’s case, truth serum and Viagra!


We chitchat for a few minutes, and I then suggest that the woman and I go upstairs to check out the furniture while her lover relaxes with his tea. I return a few minutes later, to find him looking a bit woozy.


After admitting that I have drugged him, I explain that his ladyfriend is similarly drugged upstairs on the bed we went to look at. I have left her restrained and bound to various toys that will assure her continuing orgasms as she sleeps! In the meantime, I have a much more devious agenda for him. He begins to try to call to her but I assure him this attempt is futile.


Now I begin to extract all the financial information that will allow me to empty his accounts and steal his identity.

assOnce he has given me all his credit card and personal accounts information, I allow him to pass out. When he wakes up a short time later, he finds himself restrained and ball-gagged–and his lovely hostess (yours truly) in full dominatrix latex–crotchless!


He learns that he is in for a long session of drugged sleepiness, hypnotic trance, and face-smothering, all in the interest of pleasuring me–at his every expense. And I do pleasure myself . . .


I continue to taunt and torment him, as the afternoon lengthens–along with my orgasms. I keep him in a constant state of sleepy, drowsy confusion coupled with unending, but unsatisfied, sexual arousal.


Eventually, however, I inject my poor little victim with a last sedative and arrange for the two of them to be transported home. When they awake, they will have only dim memories of going to look at a bedroom set and having tea with a nice, pretty lady, but that the set wasn’t quite what they were looking for . . . they will also find themselves very aroused, with a new fascination for latex, face-sitting and prolonged orgasm!


I hope you enjoyed our little story! Has it inspired one of your own? Would you like your story brought to life? Visit my custom erotic audio and MP3 page here.

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And . . . do have some tea . . . cupoftea

3 Responses to Custom Erotic MP3 Adventure: Sleepy Fetish

  1. Tala says:

    Husky, a little dangerous, and sensuous!

  2. Emma says:

    Here’s what the originator of the story above had to say about my audio interpretation: “WOW !!! Excellent !!! You REALLY got it JUST RIGHT Mistress Emma !! I am still TINGLING with the EXCITEMENT !!! The Improv dialogue is perfect !! Thank You !! If you would like an erotic custom audio mp3 , really consider Mistress Emmalouise ! You will not be disappointed !”

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