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Your Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Call

My best phone sex friend Miss June and I have been talking a lot lately about erotic hypnosis. We each do it very differently, but the end result is the same: a very enjoyable time for our callers and for us. Doing erotic hypnosis is fun, but I treat it as a serious skill. That is why I often ask… (more…)

Blogging About Mature Phone Sex (with an imp underfoot)

I don’t blog nearly as often as I should, so it was with firm intention that I sat down close to Halloween to write a post about mature phone sex while waiting for my phone to ring. The advantages of a mature woman. It seemed so write, I mean right, with leaves falling, to ponder May-October relationships and the virility… (more…)

Force of July: Independence on Fire Hot Phone Sex

Happy Independence Day! Phone sex is, for me, a lot about my own independence. I can remember my mother exclaiming in a fit of pique, using language she NEVER used: “Emma, do you HAVE to be so damned INDEPENDENT?” Ayep. I don’t know how to be any other way, at least not with any grace or success. But independence is… (more…)

Dirty Talk Audio: A new site, an old friend

I’ve mentioned my dear friend June, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, several times here. Have you seen her latest evolution at I think it’s brilliant. You’re really missing something if you haven’t read her views on radical happiness. Audio Porn and Erotic MP3s In one of our daily talks, we discussed challenging ourselves and one another to be more… (more…)

A Mature Phone Sex Tease–New Erotic Audio

I was a late bloomer sexually, and it took me a little while to understand that a whole lot of sex is about power. Not just in the hard, cold way that many people use it, or even in the power exchange that is at the heart of BDSM, but in even the simplest, most lovingly playful session. Once I… (more…)

The Economics of Phone Sex on

Have you ever been curious about how the business end of phone sex works? No, I don’t mean my strap-on; I assume you have a pretty fair idea about THAT business end! If you are curious, you aren’t the first. It’s not unusual for my callers to be inquisitive–after all, you are spending your hard-earned cash on a service that… (more…)

I’ve been tied up the last few weeks

I haven’t been on NiteFlirt nearly as much as I’d like to be the last couple months, dealing with Thanksgiving and Christmas. But now I can sit back and relax, put on my headset, and see who comes to play! Have you been missing your intelligent phone sex fix? It’s time we reconnected! Soon to cum: A lot of you have asked if… (more…)

Let’s Celebrate! .99/minute Friday, August 23!

Let’s celebrate! The last two months on NiteFlirt have been exciting and fun! I want to celebrate my two-month anniversary and the launch of this website by thanking all the great callers on NiteFlirt with a great deal: Friday, August 23 ONLY All listings .99 per minute! Call me and let’s have a hot, wet, naughty phone sex-filled day! xoxo… (more…)

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