My Direct Toll-Free Numbers (and Free Phone Sex Minutes)


This number connects you directly to me if I am available. If I’m not available, you have the option of staying on the line for my backup ladies. When you reach me, I will take your credit card information and run the preauthorization–then we can play! I only charge you for the actual minutes we talk, not including the time involved in getting your payment information. Credit card charges are processed by Chloe Enterprises and will show up from them on your statement.


This number is answered and processed by KTC Communications, which is what will show up on your statement. They will take your credit card information and then route your call to me. If I’m not available, you have the option of talking with one of their very talented backup phone sex operators! If you connect with me or someone else, they have a minimum requirement of ten minutes ($20.00). They will automatically preauthorize your card for $40.00–it may take a couple days for this preauthorization to drop off your card if you don’t use that much. With this option, you remain completely anonymous to me.

I charge $2.00 per minute regardless of which number you call,
and either one is fine with me.

The BEST way to be certain of my availability is to email (
or text (530-377-3662) me. This is a text number only! Calling it will get you nowhere 🙂 If I do not answer you pretty quickly you can safely assume I am on another call, eating, sleeping, being social, distracted, or that it is a Wednesday.

Your next step is this: PLEASE tell me about the timeframe I have to text or email you back! This is very important! If you don’t tell me, if more than a few minutes have passed, I will assume that if I text or email you back, I could put you in an uncomfortable, even disastrous position.

If you’ve texted me in the past and wondered why I didn’t text back, that is why. I may have been 15 minutes into an hour-long call, and didn’t want to risk texting you back 45 minutes later just as you were picking up your wife from work and she was snooping your phone. “Who is this Emma and why is she texting you about calling her?”

This is so important to me that if you successfully arrange your call with me ahead of time and it is at least twelve minutes long, I will give you two minutes of it free. So your 12-minute, $24.00 call will only cost $20.00.

And don’t forget to check my Availability page.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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