Miss June Weighs in on Miss Emma

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About once a week or so (heavy on the “or so”), I send an email to all the guys on my Niteflirt caller list. Recently my friend Miss June guest-wrote for me and I thought I’d share it here. It says nice things about me, of course, but I especially love her creative way with graphic images! I just sit back in awe.

So here it is:

Hi guys, this is Miss June writing and creating the graphics for this email.

Some time ago, my friend, Emmalouise, was kind enough to share a lovely email about me. I want to return the favor. Here are some of the qualities I appreciate about Emmalouise that might also be of interest to you. Whether you are already one of her many many callers or whether you are considering calling for the first time, I hope these thoughts will remind you to be grateful that you have found her.

Miss Emma is a happy listener. She wants you to tell your stories. Even if you have shared them with her before, she wants to hear them again. She loves to listen. I enjoy hearing stories, too, but only to a point. Then I want to lead you. I have trouble controlling my Dominant urges. With Miss Emma, you are free to share and share and share and share and know that she truly enjoys hearing you out. She will never tell you to put on your big girl panties and deal with your issues like I will. lol She is nicer than I am.

Miss Emma is tireless. This goes along with the point I just made. Miss Emma has STAMINA! She tells me about some of her calls (never any private details, just a general outline) and I ask her, “How do you not lose your mind on calls like those?!?!” Repetitive calls. Calls I would find troubling or monotonous. Calls where I would either push you out of your comfort zone or else dismiss you because I have gone numb – Miss Emma is not only right there for you giving you all the room you need to be yourself, no matter what that means, but she genuinely enjoys your chatting. She is very generous with her time.

And finally, Miss Emma is unique. She does not try to hide the fact that she comes at life from her own unique perspective. She is willing to play different roles for your calls and will often enjoy inhabiting those roles in ways that I could never manage. But she has her own logic and her own silly sense of humor and she walks her own singular path.

I hope you enjoy my friend Emmalouise. Tell her all your secrets. That will please her. And then if you occasionally get too big for your britches because she makes you feel so special, you may call me once in a while to be humbled and put in your place. 🙂

Have a great week, playthings!

2 Responses to Miss June Weighs in on Miss Emma

  1. Emma says:

    Thank you, my dear friend. You know me so well! Sometimes too well lol 🙂

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