Emma’s Audio Store

My audio store is beginning to grow! At this time they are primarily available through Niteflirt, though feel free to email me (emma@YourDarkestSecrets.com) if you would prefer to pay for one (or more) privately. There are more in the pipeline!


I have you where I want you–blindfolded, naked, and instructed not to touch me–as I play a game of increasingly sensual, teasing touch with your body. How long will you last before you change the game? How long can I prolong the tease? This audio, with a photo of Miss Emma in just her stockings, is a full 19 minutes of sensual delight. $20.00



Over the course of 30 minutes, your girlfriend convinces you it’s time for diapers 24/7, changes you, and puts you to bed with a bottle and a lullaby–you’re her baby forever now! An ABDL dream come true. More details and a sample at www.PhoneSexABDL.com! $30.00

Mommy Emma Audio


Small Penis Humiliation

Are you concerned that your penis is small? Perhaps you’ve decided to see counselor Dr. Emma for discussion and evaluation. You get those, yes, and a huge dose of therapeutic humiliation!

This is a five-part series encompassing one extended session with Dr. Emma. Each part has one photograph (each one increasingly graphic) of Dr. Emma demonstrating the need for and action of a REAL cock, and an approximate two minute mp3 of Dr. Emma’s therapeutic voice leading you along the path of your humiliation.

Are you ready for your therapy session? Click the button below to start! (You have to be a member of Niteflirt and signed in for this one to work.)

Emmalouise small penis humiliationBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.com


emma83inviteBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comIn this libidinous little talk (imagine a phone call), I comment on the hot late office hours your wife and my husband have been keeping, and I suggest that you, Richard, have dinner with me … and more … after all, why should THEY have all the fun? In fact, maybe my husband, who fully approves, might watch … Includes one completely revealing photo! $15.00


EmmaGBPSIBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comIf an interview regarding the size of your penis in a setting of considerable power imbalance turns you on, you will love this recording. At your appointment with your counselor Dr. Emma today, she announces that she will inquire into your penis size–and she does, repeatedly, worded many different ways, awaiting your response. $15.00


EmmaGBTopless1Buy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comThree topless photos and a short audio describing what we might do with them . . . $6.00


EmmaGBTopless2Buy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comThree more topless photos, with a short audio of erotic musings . . . $6.00


relaxationGBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comThis is a 15 minute completely G-rated relaxation audio. It can give you a taste of where our erotic hypnosis might start . . . but it is a calming mini-vacation in and of itself. $5.00

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