Custom Erotic Audios, Vanilla Too

Listen to Custom Erotic AudioDo you have a favorite erotic fantasy you would like to listen to as a bedtime story while I tuck you in? Would you like to hear my voice whisper in your ear any time of the night or day? I would love to make a custom erotic audio for you. You send me the script, and I read and record it for you, embellishing if you would like.

For now, I am only doing scripted audios; in other words, you send me a story, etc., to read and work from.

Here are the particulars:

  • Your sexy audio recording is private. I won’t share it or resell it. (However, if you are willing to give me permission to sell your recording, I may be interested in giving you a discount. Discuss it with me.)
  • No limits on the content, besides legal limits. That means no child pornography, but anything else goes!
  • You pay half the estimated price of the audio up front, and the rest upon delivery of the completed recording.
  • I accept the major credit cards and money orders.
  • Your completed custom erotic audio will be in mp3 format, though other formats are available. I will give you copies in additional formats at no additional cost.
  • It usually takes seven to ten days to complete a recording. If you have a very long script or story, we may negotiate a longer timeline.
  • I keep an archive. Your hard drive goes down? You lose your iPod? I’ll replace your custom audio free of charge.
  • If you want a repeating loop of a particular sexy word, phrase, or set of phrases, I’ll only charge you for the original recording time plus $5.00 to loop it to the length you specify.


I charge $8.00 per completed minute.  (If I have to do a lot of the writing for you or a significant amount of improvisation, I may negotiate a higher rate. There may be circumstances under which I might negotiate a discount.) You receive a permanent, continuing source of sensual pleasure, of intimate kink, of fantasy come to life. Consider getting lost in a long, titillating, kinky story . . . or a repeating loop of those particular nasty phrases that get you off!

I can’t wait to bring your fantasy world to life. It gives me pleasure to know that my voice is turning you on even when I’m not there to do it! Contact me to talk about your recording project:

custom audio recordingp.s. I also do vanilla (nonsexual) projects!