Mature Phone Sex: How Long Is It?

I love the Monty Python lifeboat skit.

This post isn’t about penis size, though–caughtcha, didn’t I!

It’s about call length.

Intelligent Phone Sex

How an Intelligent Phone Sex Girl Gets Started

My first paid phone sex experience was with a large company I won’t name, which is no longer in operation. I lasted a whole two months before they and I mutually agreed we weren’t a good fit. First off, they wanted us to sound like horny party girls at home paying for a chat line, just like the guys calling.

I hated that. Men are not that dumb, and I don’t think most of you like being treated that way.

They never liked my voice. “Be yourself!” “Sound perkier!” “Sound younger!” “Be chatty!” “Be like these other girls!” “You’re trying too hard!” “Just be yourself, only different!” Ugh.

But the worst, the very worst thing was that they required us to keep guys on the phone as long as possible–no matter what it took. “Don’t talk about sex too soon–chat them up.” “Stretch every call for every minute you can!” Pay was based on how long we could manipulate a guy to stay on the line. We were rewarded for keeping them longer and penalized for shorter calls. In the industry, your average call length is called “hold time.”

I was a spectacular hold time flop.

Mature Phone Sex Done Right

I believe when you call me, you should get the mature phone sex you’re paying for. If you want to chit-chat, I’m happy to do that! I enjoy my callers, and I love talking with you. But if you call me just to get off, I’m going to do my best to get you off the way you want it.

If you want to get right into it and hang up the moment you’re done, that’s fine by me. If that takes two minutes, great! I hope I gave you an awesome two minutes! Five, ten, twenty minutes, whatever: it’s about quality, not quantity.

Now don’t get me wrong; I especially enjoy longer calls. This is intelligent phone sex at it’s best! I’m actually a little shy with small talk. But I absolutely thrive on long, deep sharing sessions. Your life story is fascinating to me.

In defense of the phone sex industry, I have to mention that the negative approach I described above is less and less the norm. Phone sex is evolving into a more fetish-oriented, often relationship-based experience, as talented women (and men!) go independent on Niteflirt and other platforms, or with their own websites and toll-free numbers, and on their own terms.

So whether you need a quickie, a long cozy chat, or something in between, I just want you to know whatever the length of your call, it’s welcome on my line.

It’s not about the clock: it’s about you.