Dr. Emma, Your Therapist Phone Sex Fetish

therapist phone sex fetishMy dear boys, you need a therapist. Well, you WANT a therapist. You may want a stern, humiliating, mind-fucking therapist, or a sexy, seductive therapist who makes hot use of that couch.

You may even want someone you can really, seriously just talk with: the confidentiality, brains, and empathy of a therapist without a formal therapy relationship. The good news is you have it all right here: Dr. Emma, Your Therapist–Nasty or Nice. Come visit my office!

I was a serious therapist for two decades in real life. Now I get to play one with you. Would you like your naughty therapist to tease or seduce you? Or perhaps you’d like to seduce your therapist?

Or perhaps your therapy fantasies take a darker turn and your therapist exposes and humiliates you, either with sadistic satisfaction or cold indifference? A couple of my most enjoyable callers return regularly for their visits–one must have his aversion therapy visits where I expose him to an unpleasant part of myself up-close in order to cure him of his obsession with that spot on women–another is undergoing years of ongoing humiliating tease and denial therapy to rid him of his nasty and unacceptable behaviors. My back office–locked to vanilla clients–does have some interesting furnishings and equipment . . . especially my penile plethysmograph, which records what REALLY arouses you, regardless of the pathetic little lies you attempt to tell me!

On the other hand, back to reality, you might just like to talk with someone who really knows how to listen. Not quite therapy, because phone sex isn’t the place for that, but the next best thing–a pretty lady with a good brain and a kind ear. The confidential epitome of intelligent phone sex.

Here’s a selection of my “Dr. Emma” erotic therapist audios. Two of them are Niteflirt email series (with graphic nude photos), so you have to be a Niteflirt member to purchase them. I’m looking into¬†converting them into videos. Won’t that be fun?

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My appointment book is open. Call me for your long-overdue erotic therapy session.

Dr. Emma