Genuine Phone Sex, or, but I LIKE My Callers!

There are days when I think I’m going to scream if I see one more photo of a pretty girl sneering and flipping off the camera on Niteflirt.

I get that the whole bratty, hateful attitude thing is a turnon for a lot of guys. And I’m really happy for you if you’re one of them, because there is no shortage of phone sex ladies willing to hate your socks off!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s not my style. If you let me know you like to be called a pathetic loser and humiliated on a call, I can usually pull it off. laughingmanIf you catch me with the stars properly aligned and our chemistry is right, I can do a nastily good job of it! I can enjoy playing the cold, no-nonsense clinician, or saying the most vicious things in the sweetest of voices. Those would be my stock in trade mean ladies.

Fun places to role-play, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I like men. I like my callers. My best approach to doing phone sex is to be genuine, and the genuine me enjoys people the way they are. Outrageous, kinky, bizarre, shy, perverted, and even . . . normal. I LIKE you.

I enjoy making you feel good. That’s my own strange little idea of fun. It may be by making you cum hard, or hypnotizing you into not cumming at all, or listening to you talk about your fetish or your life. Often it’s by giving you a safe place to indulge the fantasies you don’t dare let anyone else know about.

I like to get inside your head, have a little fun, and leave you smiling. If you like that idea too, then give me a call!

Kisses, Emma (your no-hate zone)