Early in the Morning–Phone Sex Fail

Oh my darling boys, I’ve noticed some of you are trying to call me in the middle of the night and early in the morning. I am sad to tell you this is a fruitless endeavor. Emma does not do intelligent phone sex when she is not fully awake. Emma does not do intelligent anything when she is not fully awake. Or before coffee, for that matter. After coffee, I am a brilliant, mature, erotic force to be reckoned with. But only after.

I encourage you to dial my numbers and take advantage of the backup ladies I have if you need phone sex when I am in slumberland or pre-coffee mode. They are either awake or possess that awesome quality of instant-awakening with which some people are blessed–and I am not.

You early morning sweeties made me think of Harry Nilsson–now that’s always a good thing!

Kisses and coffee,