A Mature Phone Sex Tease–New Erotic Audio

I was a late bloomer sexually, and it took me a little while to understand that a whole lot of sex is about power. Not just in the hard, cold way that many people use it, or even in the power exchange that is at the heart of BDSM, but in even the simplest, most lovingly playful session. Once I got it, though, I was off and running and have beenĀ ever since!

With the passage of time and the tides of experience, I’ve come to enjoy a simple little game of tease. In this game I am sensually dominant–though only to the extent that you, my partner, willingly allow! Your restraints are not handcuffs; not even velvet or silk. You simply agree–no touch. You may not touch me. You are naked, blindfolded, at my delighted mercy.

mature phone sex

I, on the other hand, may and do touch you. Anywhere and everywhere, with any and all parts of my body. Because neither sight nor tactile sensation through your fingertips distract you, your awareness of the textures of my body touching yours is heightened. You not only feel my lips–you feel the heat and moisture of my breath. My hair caressing your skin becomes a swirl of satin. The hardness of a nipple compared with the silken softness of a breast . . . the scent and warmth of my sex . . . all become tantalizingly new to you.

erotic audio mp3How long will you tolerate this tease? How long will I hold the power? Your moans of frustration and your arching back arouse me endlessly. You want to touch. You want to pull me down on you, or in a powerful, swift movement, sweep me beneath you and take what I’ve been holding just out of your reach. Will you? Or will you float in this languid arousal, my voice carrying you until I am ready to fulfill myself with your swollen phallus?

As a little entertainment for myself, and for you, I recorded this long tease, a monologue that starts after our dinner date and ends 19 minutes later with . . . well, I’m not going to give away the ending. Anyway, this is an example of the journey being more important than the destination. Let’s just say that I had a lovely, LOVELY time making this erotic recording! Would you like a sneak peek?

The audio, “The Tease,” is available on Niteflirt with a provocative photo of me in stockings only for your visual enjoyment. Through February 14, it is 50% off–only $20.00!


It is also available from me directly. Click the buy button above to get it at Niteflirt or email me at emma@YourDarkestSecrets.com and enjoy my tease now–then tell me how you’d like it to end! I can’t wait . . .