New Erotic Audio–The Penis Size Inquisition

howbigA few weeks ago a delightful and original man ordered a custom erotic audio from me. I enjoyed making it, and he gave me permission to sell it. He gets extra points for that!

The story goes like this: you are my psychotherapy client. I, Dr. Emma, have one very important question, as we begin our visit, which you must answer. I will repeat this question posed to you in a variety of ways until you answer. The question strikes at the heart of your insecurities: What is your penis size? In my warm yet professionally distant voice, I reiterate this question in every way possible for seven and a half minutes, growing insistent and demanding at the end.

littleSmall penis humiliation isn’t part of my phone sex repertoire, as I find humiliating or belittling people uncomfortable and antithetical to my deeply held personal values. But this script differed in a most fun way–the humiliation is in the mind of the listener, not inflicted by me. However, it is clear throughout the audio that I am the person wielding the power! As a former therapist, it was enormous fun to do something a real therapist–or at least an ethical therapist–would never do!

If the thought of your own personal penis inquisition intrigues and arouses you, you can buy the audio below, accompanied by two photos of “Dr. Emma” exposing her blue bra and soft breasts. Have you ever fantasized that your therapist would reveal herself this way? It’s time for an appointment with Dr. Emma . . .