A Year of Intelligent Phone Sex on NiteFlirt

A Year of Intelligent Phone Sex on NiteFlirt

June marks, roughly, my first year of phone sex on NiteFlirt. And it’s been good to me! I’ve abandoned this post a few times, because it kept coming out sounding like an acceptance speech at the Oscars–or worse, like the kind of report I used to write in my long-since-passed days of managing mental health contracts. Analyzing data is habitual for me, but it’s tough to make it sexy!

Thank you NiteFlirt!

Nonetheless there’s something about a year, and especially such an orgasmically great year, that just insists on commemoration, acknowledgement, a marker of sorts. Like when I went to look at my page of Niteflirt reports, and found this!phone sex award

erotic hypnosis phone sexSo what does a year of kinky phone sex look like?

To start with, about 1270 calls. Over 100 titillating, naughty, imaginative, playful, perverted, and sometimes thought-provoking conversations with memorable men every month (and one VERY hot lady)! I have:

  • drowned in quicksand (did you know quicksand is a fetish?)
  • blackmailed my neighbor into sucking off the poolboy
  • brought an unsuspecting real estate agent into my BDSM dungeon
  • corrupted a few college students
  • performed unique and extreme phone sex therapy interventions
  • heard hundreds of filthy, perverted phone sex confessions and fantasies
  • made men cum like women under erotic hypnosis
  • participated in a female topless boxing match
  • discussed good books
  • had some pretty damned fine orgasms of my own
  • and that’s just the tip of the iceberg . . .

And the custom erotic recordings–let me tell you, you guys have some amazing imaginations! Keep them coming, because I have an outrageously good time doing them.

It takes a fetish phone sex village to raise a man . . .

fetish phone sex friendsPhone sex can be a hellishly competitive business, but I figure there’s enough testosterone to go around, and smart girls pool resources and have fun, while girls with claws just have catfights, leaving them with little to show for it but scratches. (By the way, I love the Dorothy and Alice drawing, but don’t know how to attribute it, so if it’s yours, let me know!)

Here’s a small handful of the ladies who have done their part to make this a year to remember:

FemDomme Mistress June, aka EliteDomme
All-around Naughty Girl Savannah Ginger
Submissive Geek AsianSweetie

And when you’re done checking out all the other sugars in the candy store, you just come right back here to me, because you love my voice, my intelligence, and my authenticity. I plan to be here for another year and more after that–so let’s get some more sensual, kinky adventures going!


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