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lightpathErotic Hypnosis

To a former therapist, that was a concept that took some getting used to. I had spent a career thinking of hypnosis as a tool to be used carefully and sparingly, particularly in my specialty, people who had suffered ritualized abuse as children. By and large, you DON’T use hypnosis with this population! Their minds have been subjected to enough external control already, thank you very much.

So the idea of using hypnosis phone sex to enhance a guy’s (or lady’s!) sexual experience had to grow on me–until the first time I did it. Hot DAMN that was fun! Now I’m hooked. I’m studying everything I can lay my hands on about erotic hypnosis, and loving every sensual trance phone sex call I do!


Submission and Surrender

Dominating a person’s conscious mind presents limited possibilities. But when a caller, submissive or otherwise, is willing to surrender his subconscious mind to my control, the opportunities for the most wicked fun blossom. The subconscious mind has no limits–anything becomes possible!

Many men, pressed by our culture to be in charge, to control everything, to think and never feel, find the most delicious release in surrendering control of their mind and body to a powerful woman (that would be me) for a while.

While you are deep in a trance, I can pick through your mind, reveal your deepest fantasies, make you do things you never imagined, and do unimaginably wonderful things to you. All you do is . . . surrender. Let me lead you on this journey.


Erotic Hypnosis for Relaxation

Then there’s simply relaxation and erotic fun in your hypnosis phone sex call. The deep relaxation you reach in a state of trance is a heavenly way to unwind, especially before bedtime! When I add an erotic element–touch, sensations–your sensual hypnosis experience becomes a one-of-a-kind sexual pleasure you will want to repeat over and over!

Being Safe with Erotic Hypnosis

Because of my background, I’m probably a bit more conservative than a lot of the ladies on Niteflirt who are doing hypnosis. I want to make sure you understand that erotic hypnosis is for fun, not for any therapeutic purpose. I will not hypnotize you to do anything illegal or dangerous to yourself or other people. I won’t use hypnosis to obtain personal information about you and I won’t let you volunteer personal information.

That said, why don’t you call me on Niteflirt and let’s talk about what I WILL do with you while you are deep in a trance . . .


Call Emmalouise for erotic hypnosis on now

Here is a sample 15-minute, non-erotic relaxation mp3.

I’m selling it at a deep discount–$5.00!–for three reasons:

  • It’s my first attempt at this type of audio, using new equipment and software;
  • To give you a sample of my voice/style so you will want to come back for more, and
  • Because I think the world needs a lot more relaxation!

You can listen to this anywhere, play it for anyone, and not worry about who hears it, because there is nothing naughty in it.

Now when you are on the phone with me, that is a VERY different matter . .

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