Role Play Phone Sex

Role Play Phone SexRecently my friend Mistress June at kindly mentioned me in her blog post about role play phone sex.

I enjoy role play phone sex too, though I don’t have a background in theater or acting. For me, playing a role competently and entertainingly depends in large part on interaction with my partner! I follow your cues, whether subtle or obvious, to unfold a scenario that thrills and titillates you–and usually me too.

I have a lot of fun with role plays that you suggest and set the theme for. Often I end up exploring my own sexuality in ways I hadn’t thought of before as you and I play out these scenes! For me, playing a part works best when I have some direction from you, a basic storyline or setup. When you play too, I can get really into it and together we create something that is “more than the sum of its parts,” a story that seems to live and breathe on its own.

Fetish Role Play Phone Sex

stocking fetishRole playing is a great way to use phone sex explore a fetish. When both of us take on your fantasy roles, you may find your inhibitions quieting down. After all, it isn’t really you and it isn’t really me, is it? Do you want to try being a sissy, submissive, slave? Do you want to be blackmailed, or blackmail* me? What is the naughtiest, nastiest, most secret kink you daydream about? Let’s play it out and see how it works for y0u.

Foot Fetish Shoe fetish

Playing a role with a phone sex professional can be a one-time fun thing; but it can also develop a life of its own. One of my favorite role-playing callers cast me as a specific fantasy person, with whom he, as another version of himself, unleashes his secret fetish. Over time, we’ve developed a lovely, perverted, ongoing storyline that evolves with every call. Fun!

Are you ready to dive into a fantasy through role play phone sex? Call me. Nothing is too weird, too filthy, too “out there” for me. I’m looking forward to the scene or story you come up with!


p.s. Here’s a very short audio I made for a caller who was looking for robot phone sex!

(Mistress June, someone was looking for a Pirate Queen?)

*I will role-play blackmail, but for ethical reasons I don’t play real-life blackmail games.