The Predatory Way of a FemDomme, or Little Mister Muffet

What happens when you wander too far into the web of a predatory female?
You may never escape. You may be bound and consumed.
Consider yourself warned.

“and along I come and sit beside you” by Eelun Phetmoore, erotic audio by me


This was fun to make. Many thanks to Mr. Phetmoore for letting me use his poem.
I look forward to making more erotic audio recordings, so keep an eye out here!

Let’s Celebrate! .99/minute Friday, August 23!

Champagner-Party 2Let’s celebrate!

The last two months on NiteFlirt have been exciting and fun! I want to celebrate my two-month anniversary and the launch of this website by thanking all the great callers on NiteFlirt with a great deal:

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Fetish Phone Sex–Embarrassing or Exhilarating?

Some callers enjoy their fetishes. They are right out front with them, ask for role plays around them, and jump right in with aplomb.

Other callers are embarrassed, even humiliated, but find the most deliciously intense arousal in their shame and humiliation. A talented FemDomme can play on this complex set of emotions to bring a man to an exquisite edge and keep him there, often seemingly indefinitely.

Man Hiding His FaceThese guys are great, but there’s another kind of caller I enjoy too. He calls and ever so hesitantly explains that he has a fetish. Probably an unusual fetish. Perhaps a really offensive fetish. Certainly an embarrassing one. He is quick to point out that he doesn’t know WHY this bizarre thing turns him on so. He apologizes at least a dozen times during the process of me coaxing his fetish out of him.

I’ll tell you what I tell him:

  • We don’t know why our brains are wired the way they are. You didn’t wake up one morning and say to yourself “Self, I am going to be compulsively and obsessively turned on by the strangest thing imaginable.” You didn’t make it happen.
  • It is highly unlikely that you are the only person who has ever had this fetish.
  • A professional phone sex operator is not going to be offended or surprised by your fetish. We’ve heard it all–and then some.  If you find a phone sex lady or guy who doesn’t get it, don’t give up–call another one. Call me!
  • If you can’t beat it, join it. Or something like that. This is where fetish phone sex steps up to the plate. Play out every detail of your fetish on the phone with an anonymous, intelligent, imaginative phone sex professional. Let go and have the time of your life in complete safety. Cum harder than you’ve ever cum. Embrace your fetish for the incredible pleasure it can give you.
  • And no, I already told you how many times? I’m not offended–so stop apologizing already!

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Do you want to talk with me about your fetish? Call me!

When Phone Sex Isn’t About Sex

Red candles in front of a black backgroundSome of my favorite calls have nothing to do with sex. We just talk. Sometimes it’s pleasant patter and jokes; sometimes it turns into deep, meaningful, even spiritual conversation. At times it takes a confessional twist as the caller tries to make sense out of things he’s done or thoughts that turn him on. Sometimes it wanders interestingly close to my former territory of therapy–though I don’t cross that boundary line.

I love to listen. Everyone has something interesting to say, even when they themselves don’t think so. I learned long ago not to judge anyone, not over anything. And to keep confidences. The secrets people trust to me are sacred.

The bottom line is I love people. I love what they have to say and to share. Listening to you turns me on–my libido, my mind, both! Intelligent conversation can be a wonderful form of foreplay . . . or afterglow–I’m happy either way.

Some guys like to have a GFE–girlfriend experience. They look for girlfriend phone sex. That can be a lot of fun! We talk about everyday things, get to know one another, and have hot phone sex. It’s a great way to take the phone sex experience to another level, to greater connection. Here’s the button for my GFE listing on Niteflirt. See you there!

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Phone Sex Confessions

I was a psychotherapist before I decided to leave that high-stress career to have fun with professional phone sex. After many years sitting with my legs crossed properly in a chair listening caringly and politely to people’s secrets, I was ready to sit improperly, legs spread, hand under my skirt, listening caringly and provocatively to deeper secrets.  I had been hearing secrets for a long time, but I yearned for darker secrets. Erotic secrets people don’t tell their therapist. Secrets they might tell a stranger on the phone. Sexual secrets that turn them on, that make them cum.

Your secrets. The ones you would tell a mature, sophisticated, intelligent woman on the other end of an anonymous phone line, knowing you are getting her as turned on as she’s getting you.

So I left the nice proper sanitized counseling world for the dark, arousing, murky, and naughty world of erotic phone sex.

I don’t miss it.chair MM900395789